Thursday, 16 October 2014

Some photos from Enchanted Forest 2014

We're just over half way through the performance run at Enchanted Forest this year, the first time that there has been an aerial performance element to this fantastic sound and light show at Faskally Woods near Pitlochry. I've been having a wonderful time so far working as a rigger and counterweighter with All or Nothing ADT. I've collected a few photos together which have either been taken by myself or other performers in the show, so I hope you enjoy them! As always, you can click on any of the images below to enlarge.



Friday, 3 October 2014

Rigging for Enchanted Forest 2014

As with all of my blog posts, you can click on any of the photos below to enlarge.

Enchanted Forest opens to the public tonight, and so earlier this week I was up on site at Faskally Woods to be part of the team setting up a counterweight flying rig in the middle of a circle of five trees. It's an awesome bit of rigging which involved a lot of clambering about in the trees. Plus the ladder and counterweight system is just a touch over 10 metres high, which is a fair bit bigger than any counterweight project I've worked on before!

Check out that paw in the centre! Photo credit: Will Thorburn

We also did a few rehearsals once the rig was set up, both in and out of costume, so that we could get used to the way in which it was set up on site and how the costumes (and particularly the headpieces) might affect our performances. We also did several run throughs once it got dark so that the lighting technicians could get the lighting sorted too.

Photo credit: Will Thorburn

It's really exciting to be part of this huge sound and light show with All or Nothing, and I can't wait to get back on site on Saturday. Enchanted Forest is on for three and a half weeks, from 3 to 26 October 2014. If you think you'd like to go along and see it for yourself, including our performance, you can buy tickets online here.